Basic Cybersecurity Protections Your Business Should Have

Every company has to have certain fundamental cybersecurity safeguards in place. Your company requires a cybersecurity approach that grows and changes with your business, from firewalls to data encryption to adequate employee education.

You must be aware of the fact that hackers can target anyone and cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Given how DoD contractors are becoming easy target for cybercriminals, there is a need for IT services for government contractors.

How Important Is Cybersecurity?

Cybercrime was a $6 trillion industry in 2021, with 31% more intrusions than in 2020. Cybercrime is predicted to grow into a $10.5 trillion business by 2025. Every company is vulnerable to attack, which is the plain, harsh truth.

The value of cybersecurity keeps growing as firms depend more and more on network infrastructure for offsite work and cloud computing for crucial data. Even though you may not think your company is a target, any one of the two million dark web users currently active could be looking for security flaws in your system.

Educate Your Staff One of the best defenses against cyberattacks is education. You may drastically lower your risk by educating your staff on how to spot unusual behavior and by warning them about potential points of attack. Actions to take comprise:

  • Find out how to spot phishing attempts using dubious links as bait.
  • Avoid clicking on advertising because unscrupulous ones might appear on even trustworthy websites.
  • Don’t post personal information on social media since hackers may get private information about you, such as your mother’s name or date of birth.
  • Every time you log in, use a different password with a minimum of 19 characters.
  • Make use of a password protection program rather than saving your credentials in your browser.
  • Avoid using public WiFi because hackers might set up scam networks.
  • Never work from a public computer; always utilize a reliable device.
  • Call to confirm the modification before clicking if you receive a notification that an automated payment has changed.

Since your password is one of your most exploited points for attack, always use two-factor authentication.

It takes work, but keeping your personnel informed on best cybersecurity practices is worth it. As part of their protective services, Thriveon places a strong emphasis on employee education. The strength of your company is only as good as its weakest connection.

Protect Against Email Attacks

One of the most typical methods for hackers to obtain your sensitive or valuable data is through email attacks. One of your employees may unintentionally launch a portal by selecting the incorrect message or clicking on a malicious link. Regrettably, you might not even notice it right away. To defend against an email attack:

  • Learn how to spot email scams by reviewing the information above.
  • To find out where messages are coming from, hover over the sender addresses.
  • Avoid clicking on shady links or opening unfamiliar attachments.
  • Installing third-party security for email clicks will assist in keeping you safe even if you unintentionally click on a harmful link.

Protect Your Software and Hardware

The proper setup of your servers, networks, hardware, and software is the first step in ensuring security. Anytime you add a new program or technology, ensure it is installed and integrated correctly. 

Shut off the backups. You have no backups if a criminal can access your stored data. In the case of an attack, you will have safe data to restore by disconnecting your backup from your network.

Update your firewalls and viruses. Anti-malware software is a vital part of your IT solutions and services company cybersecurity. You must keep up with updates to fight malware attacks because they change quickly. To ensure that all unused gateways are appropriately closed, firewalls also require routine maintenance.

Spend money on cyber insurance. Financial losses brought by such a cyberattack can be fatal for a company. Make sure you have adequate insurance.