What is Mobile App Development Platform and What are Some of the Best MADPs?

By 2023, the mobile app development infrastructure industry is anticipated to be worth USD 14 billion. The need for application development platforms will inevitably rise since they enable programmers and enterprises to combine diverse parts and functions into an app.

What exactly is a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)?

A mobile app development platform (MADP) is a collection of resources, tools, and techniques. It enables anyone to put together numerous features and aspects. Additionally, it allows the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of mobile apps across many platforms, gadgets, and systems.

Everyone, especially app development Virginia Beach firms, would admit that developing a proper mobile application is a complex undertaking. There are other factors to consider, such as compatibility with various devices and mobile systems.

It isn’t easy to create several single apps compatible with all platforms and devices.

However, if you use a MADP, you will only need to maintain one codebase to ensure interoperability with various channels, gadgets, and networks.

As a result, it will accelerate the mobile app development cycle at a reasonable cost.

Best Development Platforms Available Today

  1. Alpha Anywhere

It is a comprehensive front-end and back-end platform and a low-code application development framework. It’s commonly used for the quick creation, distribution, and implementation of mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.

It offers a unique coding-optional technology that enables developers to achieve great productivity while being completely independent.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is the greatest UI toolkit for developing native web, mobile, and desktop apps for managed service provider. It has completely customizable widgets allowing you to develop native mobile applications quickly. Its multilayered architecture will ensure that components are rendered quickly. The following are the most popular Flutter apps.

  1. Mendix 

is the quickest and simplest low-code application development platform. As a result, organizations frequently use it to build high mobile and online apps.

It speeds up the development of corporate applications, from concept through deployment and administration. Mendix makes it simple to adopt both Agile and DevOps.

Furthermore, it provides both no-code and low-code tools in a single, fully integrated platform.

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin provides Microsoft Visual Studio add-ins that permit developers to create Android, iOS, and Windows Apps using a C# codebase. The rationale for this choice is that Xamarin facilitates code exchange across numerous channels, such as the cross-platform development of mobile apps.

As a cross-platform, free, and open-source app development framework, Xamarin is recognized for providing a development environment that includes a back-end, Application Programming Interface, and elements. The following are the most popular Xamarin applications.

  1. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is an essential platform for incorporating video ads into smartphone games to enhance user engagement. You must have noticed the advice to watch a video to obtain one extra life to continue the game.

Unity Ads also has the best average per-user revenue (ARPU) of any worldwide incentivized video ad network. 

  1. Ionic

 Ionic is used to create dynamic hybrid mobile and advanced web apps and cross-platform applications.

The distinct advantage of adopting this open-source framework is that you may design apps and send them to deployable locations with each build.

If you prefer a simple visual development environment, install Ionic Studio, the lightning-fast and efficient edition of Ionic. As an HTML 5 mobile app development framework, this mobile app software is well-known as a tool for constructing hybrid mobile apps. The following are the top Ionic applications.…


If there is one sector that handles and stores a large amount of sensitive data, it would be financed. Financial organizations have to deal with a lot of sensitive information like financial records, payment details, and customer details daily. This makes them the #1 target of cybercriminals. In fact, in 2021, the financial sector was one of the top 10 most vulnerable industries in terms of data security. Any successful data breach can mean the loss of critical and sensitive data and, off-course, reputation damage. 

When it comes to data security in the financial sector, adopting the NIST CSF or the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework is one of the most effective approaches. Like the CMMC solution, NIST CSF has been enacted to help the financial sector strengthen its data security posture. And one should rely on professional provider of managed IT services for businesses to ensure proper compliance.


NIST CSF is a compilation of recommendations and measures financial organizations can put in place to manage their cybersecurity posture and reduce cyber threats. The cybersecurity framework is built upon existing control measures, data security best practices, and cybersecurity guidelines. These standards and practices act as a foundation for most compliance like DFARS and CMMC. 

The NIST enacted the cybersecurity framework in response to the directive by former US President Barack Obama. The framework was released in 2014 to improve and safeguard critical infrastructure. Since its release, the framework has become an essential guideline for various organizations to enhance their data security stance. 

Why is NIST CSF Essential for Finance Organizations?

There are primarily three reasons why finance companies should adopt NIST CSF. They are:

  • Cybersecurity frameworks ensure comprehensive data protection.
  • Some frameworks are sector-specific and can align with your business’s unique needs.
  • The frameworks prepare organizations against new cyber threats. 

Comprehensive Cyber Protection

Out of all the cybersecurity frameworks like the DFARS and CMMC compliance requirements, the NIST CSF is the most comprehensive one. Financial companies can secure their data systems and cover other security criteria by adhering to NIST CSF. The framework has five high-level controls: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. These five controls come together to form a complete cybersecurity risk management life cycle. Each core functions have 23 categories and 108 subcategories. 

While the categories cover the cybersecurity objectives, the subcategories describe the expected outcome for cybersecurity initiatives. 

Sector-Specific Framework Profile

How an organization chooses to implement the NIST CSF depends upon a lot of external and internal factors. Besides this, the CSF profile can be designed per the risk level to which your organization is exposed and the available resources. 

Under the guidance of NIST, the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council developed the Financial Services Sector Cybersecurity Profile in 2018. This profile was designed to be used by all kinds of financial organizations and asset management firms. 

The Financial Services Sector Cybersecurity Profile is founded upon various cybersecurity guidelines from across industries and around the globe. The FSP puts extra emphasis on supervision. Thus, the final draft of the FSP extends the five functions of the NIST CSF. Like NIST CSF, the FSP is divided into different categories and subcategories.…

Basic Cybersecurity Protections Your Business Should Have

Every company has to have certain fundamental cybersecurity safeguards in place. Your company requires a cybersecurity approach that grows and changes with your business, from firewalls to data encryption to adequate employee education.

You must be aware of the fact that hackers can target anyone and cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Given how DoD contractors are becoming easy target for cybercriminals, there is a need for IT services for government contractors.

How Important Is Cybersecurity?

Cybercrime was a $6 trillion industry in 2021, with 31% more intrusions than in 2020. Cybercrime is predicted to grow into a $10.5 trillion business by 2025. Every company is vulnerable to attack, which is the plain, harsh truth.

The value of cybersecurity keeps growing as firms depend more and more on network infrastructure for offsite work and cloud computing for crucial data. Even though you may not think your company is a target, any one of the two million dark web users currently active could be looking for security flaws in your system.

Educate Your Staff One of the best defenses against cyberattacks is education. You may drastically lower your risk by educating your staff on how to spot unusual behavior and by warning them about potential points of attack. Actions to take comprise:

  • Find out how to spot phishing attempts using dubious links as bait.
  • Avoid clicking on advertising because unscrupulous ones might appear on even trustworthy websites.
  • Don’t post personal information on social media since hackers may get private information about you, such as your mother’s name or date of birth.
  • Every time you log in, use a different password with a minimum of 19 characters.
  • Make use of a password protection program rather than saving your credentials in your browser.
  • Avoid using public WiFi because hackers might set up scam networks.
  • Never work from a public computer; always utilize a reliable device.
  • Call to confirm the modification before clicking if you receive a notification that an automated payment has changed.

Since your password is one of your most exploited points for attack, always use two-factor authentication.

It takes work, but keeping your personnel informed on best cybersecurity practices is worth it. As part of their protective services, Thriveon places a strong emphasis on employee education. The strength of your company is only as good as its weakest connection.

Protect Against Email Attacks

One of the most typical methods for hackers to obtain your sensitive or valuable data is through email attacks. One of your employees may unintentionally launch a portal by selecting the incorrect message or clicking on a malicious link. Regrettably, you might not even notice it right away. To defend against an email attack:

  • Learn how to spot email scams by reviewing the information above.
  • To find out where messages are coming from, hover over the sender addresses.
  • Avoid clicking on shady links or opening unfamiliar attachments.
  • Installing third-party security for email clicks will assist in keeping you safe even if you unintentionally click on a harmful link.

Protect Your Software and Hardware

The proper setup of your servers, networks, hardware, and software is the first step in ensuring security. Anytime you add a new program or technology, ensure it is installed and integrated correctly. 

Shut off the backups. You have no backups if a criminal can access your stored data. In the case of an attack, you will have safe data to restore by disconnecting your backup from your network.

Update your firewalls and viruses. Anti-malware software is a vital part of your IT solutions and services company cybersecurity. You must keep up with updates to fight malware attacks because they change quickly. To ensure that all unused gateways are appropriately closed, firewalls also require routine maintenance.

Spend money on cyber insurance. Financial losses brought by such a cyberattack can be fatal for a company. Make sure you have adequate insurance.…

Best Custom Software Development Methodologies

The methodology is a process followed in the creation of unique and custom software. In other words, it functions as a framework within which the development process is planned, designed, and managed. Standard procedures like Design, Production, and Execution are included in development techniques by app development companies in Virginia.

When you begin to design a unique solution, picking the appropriate methodology is always crucial. Your system and development approach choice will affect how well the project turns out. 

But a lot relies on the team size, structure, and product objectives.

An approach that is clearly stated provides you with:

  • Improved estimates
  • Supplying reliable systems
  • Keeping the client updated
  • Precise knowledge of the work that needs to be done
  • Recognizing dangers earlier
  • Allowing enough time to make changes

Having a quick and efficient software development process is the main benefit of picking the proper approach from a competitive standpoint. However, each methodology has its unique characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks.

Three essential Software Development Methodologies 

Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall model is frequently referred to as a software development life cycle strategy and is a linear sequential lifecycle. One of the earliest and most well-liked approaches you can apply for your project is the waterfall model.

The waterfall technique utilizes a sequential process and doesn’t impede the pace of custom software development, as its name implies. 

It is simple to follow and has a useful flow thanks to the sequential flow. Everything is organized and well-planned, allowing you to save time and money. The waterfall methodology has specific phases and operates flawlessly like a cascade.

The phases of waterfall methodology are:

  • statement of requirements
  • Software design
  • Creating a new mechanism or integrating with already-existing software
  • QA/Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Servicing

Because of the high standards and organic flow, departments like defense, military, and aircraft adopt the waterfall approach. The waterfall approach makes it simple to follow the procedure demanded by the government and is suitable for their procurement procedure.

Situations in which the waterfall methodology is appropriate

  • The specifications are known, understood, and established.
  • The ultimate objectives are clear.
  • The project is brief, and there is little to no risk.

Agile Methodology

Agile was created as a solution to the problems with the waterfall, making it an advanced version of the waterfall. Agile is more adaptable than waterfall. It starts with a straightforward project design where you may give each module a deadline for completion.

After completing each module, you can assess the working process and provide feedback. Later, every bug is addressed, and the quality of the code is checked.

The best aspect of employing agile is that software engineers can make ongoing adjustments in accordance with the needs of their projects. In this manner, the programmer can always return to the earlier stage and fix the mistake.

The bifurcation system provided by the agile technique employs a sequential iterative approach. This indicates that all steps can be divided into more manageable components, such as assessment, verification, incorporation, and deployment.

Several well-known companies use an agile methodology for their software to produce solutions quickly, experimentally, and iteratively.

Conditions under which the Agile Methodology is Appropriate

  • desire regular software updates
  • Make only minimal preparations before beginning the project.
  • Would like to generate more features in less time

Spiral Model Methodology

The spiral model begins with the smaller portion of software development and works its way up to the larger portion, as the name would imply. Many app development organizations employ the spiral model methodology to carry out the systemic flow.

The main benefit of employing the spiral model is that it recognizes and eliminates the risks from the start. This model has everything systematized, making it incredibly simple for the software companies in VA to speed up the development process.

Situations in which the spiral model methodology is appropriate

  • Want to construct substantial, pricey, and challenging projects
  • Lowering and controlling the project’s risk
  • When funds are tight, risk assessment is crucial.
  • Flexibility to alter the process’s course as needed

What are the advantages of Developing Custom Software for Businesses?

Are you having trouble prioritizing your key responsibilities as a business owner?

Are you interested in creating corporate software solutions to control various elements of your company?

It is important to note that the Enterprise Software segment is expected to generate $243.30 billion in revenue in 2022.

The data mentioned above leads us to conclude that every firm grows due to custom software development. Luckily, there are enough app development companies in Virginia to choose from.

Whereas the complexity of building a YouTube or Netflix cannot be satisfied by an off-the-shelf app. Organizations invest in specialized software solutions to ensure that all the crucial functions are handled. As they aid in identifying particular demands, creating the algorithm or logic, and revealing chances to maximize profits.

Adaptable to Business Needs
Key Benefits of Custom Software for Your Enterprise Business

Global IT spending on business software is anticipated to increase 11% to $675 billion in 2022.

You should know how crucial developing custom software is for your company. Understanding the software development strategy will also help you interact with your teammate and set expectations. The ability of custom software development to meet your company’s needs is its main advantage. Your particular needs are considered while defining the features, functions, and components. Custom software helps your business goals.

Benefits of High-Level Data Protection Security

A high level of security is guaranteed by specialized software created using safe programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and PHP. In addition, consider the security standards for the capabilities and features you have introduced to prevent security issues. Make your software hacker-proof by adding the appropriate layers of protection.

Reducing the overhead and operational costs

Can you picture everything that needs to be automated having an off-the-shelf solution? That might get complicated. You’ll need to train qualified employees on your payroll to handle it. Additionally, you will require someone to oversee the development or incorporation.

Hire full-stack engineers instead to manage the complete development cycle because it shows to be economical. Finally, you get to apply a single solution to solve all of your distinct difficulties.

Mobile-first Solution

Consider your target market’s consumption patterns while choosing custom software development. Software products available off the shelf aren’t always mobile-ready. Consequently, it may cause you to lose your market advantage. On the other hand, custom app development enables you to create a mobile-first solution and boosts utilization. Consider hiring software companies in VA to create an app from scratch to combine your mobile-first solution with your custom software since it will enable you to increase your customer base.

Gain Better Process Control

Make a more collaborative dashboard by identifying the custom software development process, integrating them, and using custom software. The data is exchanged, and you have more control over these procedures. You can outperform your competition if you provide better control over operations.

Software that is available off the shelf may not always be configured to meet the needs of your company processes. As a result, a lot of your processes need to be controlled independently of the software programs. This tends to reduce public awareness of essential software processes.

Adaptable to Your Older Systems

The capability to connect with your out-of-date software without paying license fees is the primary justification for selecting software development services over ready-made software. Supporting an old system guarantees a smooth approach to creating software. The custom program is made to assist you in integrating any application, legacy system, current systems, and third-party API. Utilize custom software development to ensure seamless operation and simple data management.…

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